Wii baseball and chocolate

I guess that I shouldn’t be so surprised since Yago seems to be picking up more and more each day.  That said, I’m still surprised by the things he comes up with.  I have two things to mention tonight:

1) Yago loves to play Wii baseball.  He has gotten to the point that he’ll actually hit the occasional double or single. Once we’ve seen him hit a homerun too!  When he misses the ball he shouts, “almost!”  When it’s time to change sides, Yago says “changes sides!” in unison with the game…probably due to the fact that the word CHANGE shows up on the screen disrupting the scene and he knows that as the cue to change sides.  There are other things he says throughout his wii play as well.  I’ll have to get a sample on video and post it soon.  Too funny.  The other thing that Yago does when he plays Wii baseball is that he calls out the Wii player names beforehand.  Not all of them, but three in particular:  Mom, Dad, and Yago.  Until this afternoon I had assumed that Santi had taught Yago which Mii was which.  Until this afternoon, Santi had assumed that I had taught Yago which Mii was which.  I guess in passing we may have announced which Mii was up at bat and that’s why he knows them? hmm?  [Or maybe we’re just great Mii artists and it’s obvious who we are!]

2) The second thing has to do with Yago and his milk.  He asked for milk this evening.

Some background: Usually I will put a little bit of yogurt drink or some chocolate syrup in his milk, but not always.  He doesn’t usually complain when I don’t (but he doesn’t usually finish his milk when it’s just plain milk). When Yago was one year old, the only cow’s milk he would drink was in his oatmeal.  I started the milk-drinking process by giving Yago yogurt drinks.  He likes the Diego ones.  As time went by, I started adding milk until I would just put a third of a yogurt drink into a full sippy of milk.  I also started putting some hershey’s syrup  when we didn’t have yogurt drinks available.

Back to tonight…Yago took a sip from his milk.  He looked at me and said “mom!” as he held out his cup urging me to take it back.  As I looked confused and reluctantly took back the sippy cup, Yago said, “mom! chocolate.”

For clarification, I asked, “you want me to add chocolate to you milk?”  I got the big eyes, huge smile, and dramatic head nod that we always get when we hit the nail on something he wants.  And he got chocolate in his milk.

Communicating successfully with a toddler is so much fun!

On a separate note, here’s a picture from today.  I was trying to take a picture of the two kids together, but Yago decided to crawl under the baby’s swing instead.  Still a cute photo, though!



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