The incredible shrinking queen bed

It’s time for a new bed.  Our bed is shrinking.

I have a bassinet in the room with us for Daryoosh.  It’s a great bassinet.  Yago used it for the first three months of his life before we moved him to his crib.  It was very convenient so that I could get up and feed him in the middle of the night without having to go too far.  Now it’s Daryoosh’s turn to use the bassinet.  Only, he doesn’t sleep as long in the bassinet as he does in the bed beside me.  (You probably don’t need to ask me how I know this to be true…)

Also, like his brother, Daryoosh is a regular Houdini.  I think Yago still let me swaddle him through the first week.  Two days home from the hospital and Daryoosh was freeing his arms from the swaddle and wouldn’t rest until he was free.  And I can do a pretty mean swaddle.  I even got accolades from a neonatal nurse while we were in the hospital.  The nurse brought Daryoosh back to the room while I was in the bathroom after the ped visit and asked Santi who had swaddled him.  She was impressed with the swaddling technique.  It still wasn’t good enough to confine the Daryoosh the Great Houdini.  Oh well.

Back to the bed.  So the bed is shrinking.  You should see us in the mornings.  Yago runs into our room after 6 am lately.  I hoist him onto the bed.  In order from left to right we have Daryoosh, Mom, Yago, Dad, and Baci at the foot of the bed under the covers.  It’s time to invest in a king-sized bed for sure.

And here is Daryoosh during his pre-Houdini days (or should I say hours?):

Well, even then he still managed to get most of his arm out…



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