Yago vs Daryoosh

We are definitely having fun so far as a family of four!

It’s fun to think back and compare the first days with Yago and the first days with Daryoosh:

Yago: Easy-going, smaller, sleepier, easy delivery, had to wake him up for feedings

Daryoosh: Lets me know when he needs something!–be it a diaper change or hunger! bigger, better eater the first few days (of course, milk came in faster too), easy delivery (less than effective epidural not his fault), wakes up to let me know he’s hungry!

I didn’t think there could have been an easier baby than Yago–and we’ll see what happens beyond the first two days we’ve experienced so far–but honestly, he’s been a great baby so far!  (and maybe some of it comes from experience).

For a little more Yago vs Daryoosh, here are the pages from a powerpoint presentation that Santi’s sister Paloma put together comparing first photos of the boys:

I updated the family website with pictures from the first few days!



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