Conversation with Yago this morning

Scene: Yago sitting in high chair, finishing up breakfast.

Yago: all done.

Mom: Ok.  Do you want down?

Yago: emems.

Mom: What did you say?

Yago: em-emmms.

Mom: Oh, M&Ms?  I don’t think so.

Yago: emems.  blue emems.

Mom: Yago, we don’t have any M&Ms

Yago: buy.

Mom: No M&Ms.  We can’t go buy M&Ms right now.  Let’s go play, okay?

Yago: Down.



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2 responses to “Conversation with Yago this morning

  1. Tell him to come to my house–we have M&Ms! Er, and I let William have a few after dinner.

  2. shabjoon

    Yago got a few M&Ms at the office after his haircut on Saturday for sitting so still. I think he ate half of the bag! That was his ration for the rest of the month, at least!

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