I’ll do it myself…

I saw him do it yesterday.  Was it a fluke?  Was it on accident?

Apparently not.  Because he did it again.  This morning.

Yago ejected the Madagascar DVD that we were watching last night, picked up an Elmo DVD, carefully placed it on the tray and made sure that it was placed correctly–right side up and locked in place on the tray–and then pushed the tray back in.  (I guess we need to work on showing him that the same eject button will close the CD tray as well.)

Of course, he had help from Mom to get the TV on the right setting (fortunately, he can’t reach those buttons!)

He pushed the tray in and went to sit back on the couch and waited for the autoplay on the DVD.

Great.  We’ll see how much longer the DVD player will last.


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One response to “I’ll do it myself…

  1. A scene not too far in your future once he masters the remote:

    Daryoosh is finally asleep .
    Shab slips into blissful, much needed sleep.
    The voice of Lightning McQueen awakens Santi who nudges poor Shab to half wakefulness.
    “You left the TV on.”
    “I didn’t.”
    3am – Yago is watching Cars.

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