Daycare Blues Continued…

So Yago had an even worse day that I imagined, but when I went to pick him up he was sitting at the table eating his snack and actually being somewhat cheerful.

When I walked into the snack room he stayed seated and finished his snack.  One of his classmates let me know that she “liked my big belly” and then Yago said, “Baby” and pointed to make sure that she knew that there was a baby inside.  She also let me know that Yago cried a lot. I thanked her for letting me know and let her know that hopefully next week he won’t cry so much.

He didn’t get mad or complain or anything and was cheerful on the way out.  Maybe we should start in the afternoon and work our way back instead of starting in the morning and working our way forward!

Here’s a picture of him now, sitting on the couch and clutching his soccer bear beanie baby.  He just sat down to watch Madagascar and I don’t mind if he watches the whole thing.  I’m pretty much ready to give him anything he asks for tonight.  (I did say no to his M&M request, however!) I am also going to abandon the rest of my evening’s work until he falls asleep and let him sit in my lap.  We’ll watch the whole movie if he wants to (especially since his favorite part is the Move it, move it song in the credits–in fact, that’s what he calls the movie itself: “mom! mom! Move It”


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