Pasta, NOW…please?

When I got home (EARLY!) from work today, Yago greeted me with a gigantic smile.  After a few minutes it was pretty obvious what he wanted.

1) he rummaged through the cabinet and pulled out a small pot that I use when I boil pasta for one

2) he went to another cabinet and pulled out a colander that I usually use to drain pasta

3) he walked around the kitchen exclaiming “pasta, pasta” pronouncing pas-TA’

As much as our son loves pasta, it’s interesting that he’s never been a fan of mac and cheese.  He’s more of a read sauce kind of guy, I guess.  Additionally, when I get lazy or forget to clean up from the night before, he will sometimes see the box of raw pasta or empty colander on the table and ask for pasta for breakfast too!

Writing about food is now making me hungry…off to grab a snack before heading to bed!


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