One step forward, two steps back.

Oh well.  Looks like Yago won’t get to go to school today.  He doesn’t have the required 100 degree temperature to stay home, but at the same time, he’s fighting off a cold.  It’s his first daycare cold.  Congrats buddy on beginning to build your immune system!  This is a good thing, I know and I don’t have any problem with it.  What makes me sad is that there have already been five days between the last day he was at school and today.  I even considered taking him anyway, but the responsible/guilty parent in me just can’t do it.

1) We don’t want to spread the wealth.  Yago’s nose isn’t runny like it was yesterday, but he has started to cough a bit, and we all know how difficult it really is to ask a two-year-old to consistently cover his mouth when he coughs.

2) Since Yago started school last week, he’s been an extension of me, a shadow, asking for Mom much more than usual.  If Yago’s new separation anxiety kicks in and he doesn’t feel well at the same time, then it could make going through a full school day even worse.  I am not prepared to put him through that, even for the sake of getting him used to school.

So, I’ll take him with me today to pay for this week’s classes (which I have to do until auto withdrawal is set up) so that we can walk in together and see the fish, the bulletin boards, say hello to his teachers and to show Dad where our classroom is.

Hopefully we’ll be ready to jump back into the swing of things on Thursday and Yago will prove to me that we’ve actually taken two steps forward, and only one step back.


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