Keep on laughing, Yago

Note to Yago:

I just watched one of my favorite videos of you.  This one was compiled and edited by your Tia Paloma.  Anytime I need a laugh I’ll connect to youtube from my phone and watch (I know that you love to watch it too).  It’s also a great way to end my day.

Well, Yago, it looks like it’ll only be “All Yago” for a few more days, so I want to make sure that you get the attention you deserve.  I hope that you don’t think that your world is crashing down on you when a new baby joins the picture.  Please keep laughing and making us laugh!



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2 responses to “Keep on laughing, Yago

  1. la tia Palo

    A mi me pasa lo mismo con este video. Lo llevo siempre en el Ipod y cuando tengo un mal día lo veo y se me olvida todo!!! 🙂

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