Baby #2 update…

Well, it looks like I’ll be walking around at 2cm until there’s some pitocin around (considering that’s where I’ve been since 36 weeks!)…and while I wouldn’t have dreamed of getting induced before my actual due date with Yago, I find great comfort in knowing that everything will be in place when I go for induction on Tuesday morning the 18th.  This will be exactly one week from due date of the 25th.

There were more pros than cons when we debated moving forward with the plan…

1) Yago was born within the same time frame…a week early–please let this mean that #2 will be as easy a baby!  😉 (I know, wishful thinking…)

2) Yago will be at the grandparents’ house Monday night, and Grandma will be able to drop Yago off at school and also pick him up.

3) Baci will be able to stay at the Farm for a few days so we don’t have a negleted toddler as well as a further neglected dog.

4) My doctor informed me that they are now putting in the epidural when you first get to the hospital (and pumping the “juice” through it later!) Wow…the prospect of being able to have the epidural without worrying about moving during mid-contraction…!

5) My doctor was the one who suggested it in the first place, so medically speaking, we should be good to go!  And I know for a fact that she won’t let just anyone be scheduled for induction.  There was another patient of the same doctor sitting with me in the waiting room (in fact, on a side note, there were three of us pregnant with our 2nd boy while the first boy was around 2 years old!  Craziness!).  Anyway, she was obviously uncomfortable and tired of being pregnant.  Her first son had been born 2 weeks early and there she sat at almost 39 weeks.  The doctor had told her that the baby just wasn’t ready yet…I felt badly for her, but secretly felt comfort in the fact that there is not a blanket “induce at 39 weeks” option for everyone.  The doc truly believes the baby is that ready!  YAY!

All that being said, of course there is the chance that the baby decides to make his appearance before Tuesday…

For full disclosure, I did make a little progress this week…I gained one pound (the same pound that I had lost last week), I am still at about 2cm–but that’s also where I was with Yago when my water broke–, and I’m now more like 75% effaced.

We’ll see if tonight’s full moon will encourage an even earlier arrival…


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  1. shabjoon

    Apparently the full moon isn’t until tomorrow night…

    I need to “trust but verify” my sources of information…

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