How brave on his first day of school!

Nope, I don’t mean Yago…no one was really worried about him. I was the brave one.  Hoping to stay cheerful, I approached the school with Yago in tow. 

Here’s a quick clip from before we left the house…

We walked in, got our pass-code set up and we walked up to his classroom.  We entered and I told him that I had to go to work.  I asked him to please give me a kiss.  He did.  I said bye and turned around and walked out.  I wasn’t even in the classroom for a minute.

As I left, I checked the camera feed from the lobby and the class was playing outside and he had picked out a lawn mower toy and was happily pushing it along.

Not a tear was shed!  Hooray for Yago, but more importantly, hooray for Yago’s mom (because that’s who I am now, you know…)

I should have published this post before calling in for the update at 11:30.


Per one of the teachers, Yago had a little mini meltdown while outside when he realized that mom’s not around and not going to be.  (My theory is that he had a toy that another little one wanted or vice versa because it’s not until his little feelings get hurt that he usually turns to Mom when there are toys and kids around!)

Anyway, I’m trying to stay brave.  He didn’t eat much lunch…I didn’t expect him to either.  They’ll call if he won’t nap and maybe it will be just a half-day. I will pick him up at 3 at the latest.  Hopefully I won’t have a mini meltdown when I see the look on his face when I go to pick him up. It would be a completely different story if I didn’t have these silly irrational hormones interfering with my normal state of emotional well-being!!

 I think that I’ll probably take my lunch break now and empty my trunk of recycling and goodwill articles. And I’ll try to pretend that Yago’s actually at Grandma’s and not at school…oh, and I better eat some lunch too.  Like Yago I doubt that I’ll eat a lot today…


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