First Day Continued…

I went to pick Yago up from his first day of school at around 3:40 or so.  He seemed marginally happy to see me.  Basically, he smiled at me and then went back to the car he was pushing around outside.  He actually cried when I picked him up to take him home. He didn’t want to leave. He cheerfully waved goodbye to his teacher.  I think he made some friends today!

On our way out the door, we had to stop at the “I VOTED TODAY, DID YOU?” bulletin board.  He had to tell me each letter one-by-one and point out all of the stars on the board as well before we could proceed.  Then we passed the infant room and we had to stop and Yago had to show me that there were babies there.

On our way out, we had to stop at the fish tank and see the fish.

By 4:00, I think, we were finally out the door and on our way home!  🙂

I hope that he’s happy when I drop him off on Thursday!

It was a great First Day of School for Yago!  YAY for Yago!! (and yay for Mom for not shedding a tear…not yet at least.)  Thursday will probably be more difficult but we’re both up to the task, I’m sure of it!


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