Doc update

Yesterday the doctor said she’d give me a 60% chance that I don’t make it to my appointment next Tuesday.  Scary.  Very scary.

I am still at about 2 cm and 70% effaced.  The doctor said that I look ready and I’m a great candidate for induction if I make it to 39 weeks and want it scheduled.  For the sake of having Yago at Grandma’s, Baci at the Farm, and little peace of mind, I am seriously considering it.

Of course per a couple of the doctors in the practice (one being a friend from high school!) with whom I spoke with yesterday, they are pretty sure I won’t even make it that far.

Also, best guesstimate of baby size is about 6-6.5 pounds–this is just by pushing around my belly on the outside.  We’ll see!

It’s all happening too quickly…

oh…and happy election day everyone!


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