Random Yago antics of the morning

Yago climbed up onto a chair at the kitchen table this morning and said, “bread.”  He then opened the plastic bag with the almost-finished loaf of bread that his dad left on the table and began to eat bites out of both remaining slices-one being an “end slice”.  Hey–at least we know he’s going to be a “crust eater!” This is a new development lately.  He LOVES bread.  At least we have wheat bread at home if he’s going to insist on eating just plain old bread!  At least he already had a sippy cup of milk and a little bowl of cereal with milk this morning.

I think this passion for bread started last week.  Apparently at my mom’s house he asks for “naan”–which is bread in farsi.  At least he’s getting more than his daily dose of grain!

The other thing Yago did was take the blender pitcher out of the pantry and bring it into the living room.  Next, he placed some of his toy balls in and the using the stopper was pushing everything down to the bottom.  It reminded me of the popular YouTube series, “Will it blend?”  Here is a picture:

Will it blend?

Will it blend?

Oh, he also took the 8-pack of brawny paper towels out of the pantry and put it on the couch.  I’m not sure how he lifted it and got it up there since it’s almost as big as he is.

I love mornings at home with Yago!  Never a dull morning.  As I type this, he is on the keyboard pushing buttons and playing the synthesizer portion of our electric piano.  He has learned how to control the tempo of the beat and will move his body to the music.  I’ll have to post a video of him playing sometime as he bounces up and down to the beat.

Fun morning!  Now off to do some work before Yago and I go to visit his new school…


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