At least the closet is clean…

I spent most of the weekend letting two strong urges duke it out.  In one corner, the nesting instinct imploring me to clean out our extremely disorganized closet.  In the other corner, sheer laziness.   At times I had to rest and give in to the laziness.  Hopefully by tomorrow the dumping ground that the bedroom has become will also be clean…

The closet has never looked so good.  Even Santi became slave to my irrational hormones.  I sent him to Target to buy cubby drawers for the shelves.  They look pretty good too…I think I may buy another set for the shelf above as well:

Apart from that, I’m finally getting rid of shoes.  Some of them I’ve had since high school, others are shoes that are in perfect condition that have rarely been worn.  I don’t even buy a lot of shoes.  I will wear shoes until they are worn out and then keep wearing them…not a good thing.  I do the same with purses.  I will just use one purse until it’s worn out and then buy a new one.  If I were more of a girly girl, I would buy more shoes and purses and rotate them so they would all last longer.  I will work on this and see if I can be better about it.

Anyway, this was my weekend.  Now I’m tired and will need to clear the bed to get ready for bed.

Here’s to hoping that the irrational nesting urges won’t abandon me tomorrow so that I can finish our bedroom and move on to the baby’s room…which still has no furniture, by the way…


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