Our little devil…

Our little devil had fun handing out candy.  Once it was time for dinner (which he wouldn’t even sit down to eat), we took off his costume but he continued to be a bit hit among the females. He would excitedly sprint to the door at every ring of the doorbell.  He would say, “Halloween” and we would let kids choose one fun-size play-doh and one fun-size chocolate.  When the play-doh started to run low, I broke out the leftover games and ghost and pumpkin play-doh from Yago’s birthday.  We ended up with a lot left over.  I would calculate that we probably had over 50 kids come through.  A few times they came in packs of 8 or so!  Here is our little devil before the trick-or-treating hours:

7The little devil

The little devil

I must say that the play-doh was a bigger hit than I thought it would be.  And although we didn’t have any kids proclaim their love for us like the pre-teen boy last year who looked up at Santi and said, “I, LOVE, YOU!” (last year we gave out full-size snickers, M&Ms, and Goo-Goos and had so much leftover that we ended up throwing most away around August after they had expired.)

Yago even got to indulge a bit and shared a little packet of M&Ms with Santi.  “M-mens, M-mens,”

Yago would run to the door and once the kids had their candy and were on their way to next house he would yell, “bye!” and then slam the door shut.  It was too funny. I attempted to catch this on film, but the one time I had the cameral rolling a car drove by pumping its base and Yago decided to dance instead:

In between trick-or-treaters, Santi blew bubbles for Yago and he had a fabulous time.  I can’t wait to take him out trick-or-treating next year!

futbol, anyone?

futbol, anyone?


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