Baby update…

No, no baby yet!  And please don’t hold your breath.  I have had a discussion with the baby-to-be and we are in agreement that he will at least wait another two weeks.

The due date is Nov 25.  At my appointment on Tuesday the doctor let me know that I’m at 2cm and 70% effaced.  –and that if I wanted to make it easier since we have Yago to worry about we could induce at 39 weeks if the baby hasn’t made an appearance before then.  I am thinking about taking her up on that offer…

Scary.  Not ready.  AHHHHHHHH.

In other ways, I’m more than ready.  Who knows.  I guess you’re never really ready, right?

At any rate, I’m not holding my breath.  My cousin walked around at 2 cm for 4 weeks.  A friend walked around at 4 cm for 2 weeks.  However, another friend said that with her second child she went from 3 cm to delivery within 50 minutes…AHHHH!  Don’t want to even think about that possibility.

Here’s to another few weeks of pregnancy.  I need to milk it while I can, right?  Like when I got to go to the front of the voting lines! 🙂


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