2 years and 1 day old!

Yago woke up at 3:30 this morning.  Of course had fallen asleep in the car at 6pm on the way home from Grandma’s so I was not really surprised.  However–just for you Brigid!–I did give him the fish eye when asked me for “Elmo” at 3:30 in the morning.

He stayed in our bed watching sesame street while Santi and I went back to sleep.  By 5 am Yago fell back asleep (after drinking a sippy cup of milk since he had skipped dinner).  He stayed asleep until about 6:50.  Thanks for going back to sleep kiddo!

Today Yago also got to go to the doctor for his 2-year check-up.  Woohoo!  He had a great visit.  He was constantly saying FISH, FISH, FISH (there are a couple of aquariums at the doc’s office).  He also showed off some of his alphabet skills for his doctor.  He was a very good boy and in a great mood the whole time.  He got a clean bill of health.  He is back on the 3% curve in weight.  (woohoo!  Last couple of visits he was below the curve) As for his height, he jumped a couple of lines and is at 50%.  WOW!  That shocked me a bit since he was between 15 and 25% at 18 months.

No shots today, and no more doctor visits until he’s 3!  Of course, since he’s starting school next week, I’m sure we’ll be seeing the doctor soon for all of the illnesses that he didn’t get during his first two years…

…oh yeah, and I guess I’ll be seeing the pediatrician soon with baby #2.



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2 responses to “2 years and 1 day old!

  1. brigidday

    I love the part about giving him the fish eye. I hear that phrase is sweeping the nation… Just know that if no one else gets it, I got the giggles from it. Thank you. Glad Yago went back to sleep. That middle of the night stuff is brutal! Did you have Elmo dreams/nightmares??

  2. shabjoon

    Fortunately no dreams or nightmares filled with furry red creatures!

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