One of my only reservations regarding my vote…

Most everyone knows which way I voted.  My mom, my sister, and I are probably choosing one candidate, and my dad another.  It makes sense.  Dad is a business owner.  With assets (and debt). He has started from scratch to get to where he is now so that we won’t have to.  That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t instilled within us a work ethic that often rivals his own.  He knows my views and my vote and hasn’t disowned me because of it.  However, he has:

…reminded me that I will have to pay inheritance tax with my pick–when he has already paid the taxes!  I told him that he just better plan on staying put and not going anywhere for the next 4-8 years.

…convinced me of other economic and business reasons why it’s in the best interest of his employees to vote the way he is.

There are a couple of things that scare me.  I don’t mean to sound republican at all, especially since I am an INDEPENDENT!  I have done my homework and studied unions.  In many industries I believe that unions are important to protect the rights of the workers.  However, unions don’t have a place in our company.  We have owners who wear their hearts on their sleeves.  They step in and help out employees quite often.  Just today I processed an employee loan.  What employer do you know that would provide a no-interest loan to an hourly employee with an agreement to pay the loan back a little bit per pay check over the course of the year?  A union would take away the “family business” feel of the company.  Another thing that scares me is a drastic increase in minimum wage.  I am all for a rise in minimum wage and think that it’s important that inflation doesn’t render folks to be unable to make a living.  That being said, I’ve seen effects of a minimum wage increase on a business that’s trying to stay successful.  Drastic increases in minimum wage can have monumental effects that hit employees as well as consumers.  Minimum wage hikes cause increases in food costs and increases in menu prices follow to keep up.  Profits must exist for a company to stay afloat and to keep employing folks. That being said, I completely agree that many of our workers are underpaid.  It is the nature of the industry and unskilled workers.  That being said, we always look to promote from within so a worker who begins at close to minimum wage has TWO potential wage increases per year in addition to the opportunity to work his/her way up to a higher paying management position.  How many companies evaluate and provide raises twice per year?

For hourly workers, we have a turnover rate this year of about 115%.  For the fast food business this actually a good rate. In some stores or turnover is under 20%.  How does this happen?  By employing mangers who embrace the philosophy of the owners that you take care of your own people in addition to your customers. I don’t expect unions to organize here in South any time soon, but it does scare me a little if I think too much about it…

Ok. It’s late and I got my union worry off of my chest.

Next week we’ll see this headline in other newspapers as well:

Obama Wins

And I truly believe that the US will be one step closer to where it should be.


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