One “hell” of a good time

Santi, Yago and I had a devlishly great time on Sunday celebrating Yago’s second birthday!

the deviledesma family

the deviledesma family

There were a few things that were almost last-minute disasters:

-we opened the second rental toddler table and realized that the company had delivered one toddler table and one regular adult-sized table

-the chairs we rented were filthy and Santi spent over an hour scrubbing them Sunday morning

-we did not have costumes until Saturday and did not even try Yago’s on him until minutes before the party

-I stubbed and possibly strained my pinky toe minutes before the party

I forgot a few things too…

-gather all of the outdoor toys/balls ahead of time since the weather was so nice

-I’ll be eating fruit salad every day for the next week since I forgot to get it out of the fridge

-I bought Halloween kids songs to play during the party and forgot

-I think I was the first devil’s wife with no make up…

If I had glanced at my to do list then I may have remembered some of these things, but I don’t think anyone really noticed or cared.  Kids were running around inside and outside and having fun and that’s all I really cared about!  I know I broke the rule–

Children’s party planning standards state to invite the same number of young guests as your child’s age.

Seriously?  That’s two only kids!  I’ll admit this party was more for Santi and me than for Yago.  We had a blast.  Sure Yago had fun, but I just loved getting all of the kids together and watching them all interact.  I think I’ll happily keep breaking that rule.  Besides, it let me entertain the creative side of me that just doesn’t get to come out much.  Call me a nerd, but I just can’t wait for Yago to start bringing home art projects and other assignments!

Thanks to all of the family and friends who joined us!


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