For what it’s worth (and apparently not too much in this state)…

I voted.  I have my sticker to prove it.  I voted on my way home from work at the Brentwood Library on Concord Road.  I arrived and there was a pretty long line.  Whaoh…well, the line was probably shorter than what it would be on Tuesday–and who knows if I would be available to vote on election day.

I finally decided to early vote today after my doctor told me that I was at 2 cm and 70% effaced.  Uh, what?  You mean that I may not have 4 weeks left?  Ugh.  I need at least 3 weeks just to get organized!  I guess I’ll have to be ready won’t I?  Also, doc offered to induce at 39 weeks (and said that physically, I’m ready for induction now) if the baby hasn’t made an appearance on his own by then.  With Yago to worry about and a chance to possibly schedule the initial hospital visit, I may just consider this.

Anyway, as soon as I walked into the library, I saw a sign:

“Frail, weak and disabled individuals or visibly pregnant women may move to the front of the line”

Wow…I thought.  Pregnancy has its privileges!  I didn’t move up immediately. I waited to see how long I could tough it out.  The woman behind me asked me how far along I was…36 weeks and counting, I replied.  She said that I should move up in the line and was pleading with me not to faint.  Apparently at a previous election in a different place, she had a pregnant woman faint right in front of her, and lucky for the pregnant woman, this woman caught her just before she would have slammed head-first into a glass table!

Initially I was fine and I decided that I wouldn’t get in front of all of those folks.  Minutes went by and we slowly inched our way through the isles of books.  I started getting warm.  I pulled a folder out of my purse and started fanning myself.  The woman behind me was getting visibly worried about a déja-vu event.  This was it, I said to myself.  I needed to exercise my right.  Nobody would care, right?  I was actually surprised to that nobody besides the one lady behind me was encouraging me to move up.  I walked up apologizing, sticking my belly out even further to make sure that it would not go unnoticed.  I stopped when I was a few individuals away from the front.  I felt a little badly about cutting everyone in line, but again, they weren’t walking around carrying a pumpkin either.

I cast my ballot.  I received a confirmation. Did I make the right decision?  Probably.  Is it going to make a difference in my state?  Probably not.  But at least I will be able to say that I fulfilled my civic duty.


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