Overheard at the office…

“…oh shoot, they’ve apparently thwarted a possible assassination attempt on Obama…” tuned out because didn’t want to hear any more until this…”why would the neo-Nazis have wanted him dead, Obama’s a Nazi himself…”

Oh dear.  To think people actually believe things like this.

Also overheard at the office:

“Valid prediction from reputible source: within one week of the election, all banks will be closed and soldieres will spill into the streets.” 

My initial thought: oh geez, people are really at it again, aren’t they?  What are these crazies thinking???? that the world is coming to an end because of an election?!!

Second thought…Prediction is 100% accurate. Tuesday November 11 is Veterans Day. 

Happy voting everyone! Only 4 days left for early voting!


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