Adventures to come…

My friend and fellow writing mama Brigid’s recent blog made me realize that my easy routine will be soon coming to an abrupt end.

We have always had an easy time with Yago and sleep…(except for the whole driving him around to get him to nap bit…but he transfers quite well, so even that is not so bad…)

Until Yago was able to stand in his crib, we were able to put him down awake for the night and he would go to sleep.  Once after he was able to stand, I went go back into his room 20 minutes later he was STILL  standing…we needed a new routine.

For months and months and months I nursed Yago to sleep and would then transfer him into his crib, and at 16 months into his toddler bed.  Often, he would wake up.  My rule was that if it was after 5am, he could join us in bed (let’s just say I was very flexible with this “rule!”). I would nurse him back to sleep and we would all get more sleep!  Well, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was ruining my son and that we would have a horrible time in the future.  I ignored the dark cloud of dread and decided that I would HAPPILY trade 2 years of easy for 2 weeks of hell, and we would deal with it then.

Fast forward to 19 months–Santi started putting Yago to bed at night.  We still stay in his room until he is asleep.  He cried quite a bit the first night (with Santi there to comfort him) and by the second night understood the new routine.  Within 4 days he was also completely weened from the breast (I was over 3 months pregnant, and the timing seemed right because within 1 month I would be going on my first extended trip (3 nights!) without Yago and I didn’t want to take the pump.  Yago adapted magically.  We ended up trading 19 months of easy for 1 night of 45 minutes of crying to sleep with Dad, and the new routine was established!

The second week in the toddler bed was heaven.  Yago would sleep until about 6 or 7 in the morning, and then just sit up in bed and let us know he’s awake and we’d come and get him.  I thought to myself, this is WAY too easy.  (He knew he could get up and down from the bed because he often played on his bed during the day too, but in the mornings he would just wait.)

It was too good to be true.  Shortly thereafter, he started to slam open his door in the middle of the night, run through the hall and kitchen, and then come to my side of the bed with out-stretched arms.

This is still the routine and it’s easy for us.  Most days days he gets up between 5 and 7 in the morning.  I’ll pick him up and he’ll usually stick his hand down my shirt (I guess he still needs to make sure that they’re there…) and go right back to sleep and everyone gets more sleep!

This has worked out fabulously for us.  But, it was fun and restful while it lasted.  Within four weeks there will be a shake-up.  We will just have to wait and see what’s in store! I’m picturing trying to nurse one baby in bed while picking up Yago to let him come to bed as well…I think this will definitely get complicated…

We’ll find our crazy routine and hope that Daryoosh (probable baby name) will learn from his brother and find a nice routine that we can all live with!


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  1. brigidday

    The absolute hardest adjustment for me was feeling like I needed to be in two places at one time (especially at night!) Everything always works out, it just makes for interesting blogs along the way!

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