You are all soooo lucky…

That I didn’t pull out my camera today.

The phone call that everybody hates to get:

“Can you come home?  All of your toilets are backing up water and dirty stuff is coming out of the toilet…”

Are you kidding me?  I have a houseguest coming Thursday, a birthday party for Yago on Sunday, and a million things to do between home and work (mostly home!) between now and then (not to mention that I don’t even have a costume for Yago yet let alone a family theme of costumes for all of us!)

Ok.  Don’t panic.  Don’t let pregnancy hormones get the best of you.

Good news is that we have a company that does plumbing. Total HVAC/Total Mechanical.  Someone was able to meet me at my house within an hour or so.  More good news, water damage is hopefully limited to Yago’s room. 😦  Poor Yago.  Even more good news, according to the plumber, the smell wasn’t NEARLY as bad as grease traps–he said it turned him into a vegetarian.

It’s too bad we don’t have a carpet cleaning company too!  (I guess I could have called our janitorial services company but they don’t do residential…oh yeah, neither does Total…well, there are only so many favors that one can ask for in a day…)

So, Stanley Carpet Cleaners just got here and they are assessing the damage and will pull back the carpet, dry the floorboard and the carpet, and eventually come back and shampoo too.  No estimate yet on the time line.  Unfortunately, it means that Yago’s room will have to be off limits for his birthday party.  UGH. Not to mention not being able to sleep in his own room at night until it’s done.  Oh well. And I thought I was behind on Baby #2’s room (let me qualify…not only behind,  but HAVEN’T STARTED).  Poor Yago and poor #2 (who’s name is probably going to be Daryoosh (pronounced DAR’ YOOSH)–but that’s the topic of another blog).

So no, it hasn’t been the best day, but it could have been much worse…I could have gone into labor during all of this…



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3 responses to “You are all soooo lucky…

  1. Oh my dear Shab. My dear, dear girl.

  2. shabjoon

    So the damage apparently wasn’t limited to Yago’s room but also to Baby #2’s soon-to-be room. Oh well. They are pulling up carpet now. They have removed the damaged padding and it looks like less than half of Yago’s room will need new padding.

    Not too terribly bad. The worse-case scenario estimate was actually just under 1K but it doesn’t look like it will be nearly that much…uh, I hope.

    Bad news? Not even sure what caused it to avoid it in the future. The plumber said that even putting POTATOES down the sink with the disposal on could cause a backup like we had…

  3. brigidday

    Oh Shab, you are a trooper. You certainly deserve some kind of award for staying calm under pressure.

    Thanks for the great comments you leave on my blog. I appreciate every one.

    Here’s to the “dirty stuff” staying where it belongs!

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