It’s my potty…

On Thursday I got a training potty that I had ordered in the mail…free shipping and it arrived in 2 days!

Anyway, Yago loved it.  He was dragging it all around the house.  I explained to him that it would need to stay in the bathroom.  Since I wasn’t sure if he’s going to prefer his own seat or climb onto the toilet, I bought a converitble one that sits up on the toilet if he prefers…

Before going to “Grandma Daycare” on Friday morning, I let Yago sit on the potty.  We grabbed a couple of books too and just hung out for a while.  This is the first step.  He would get up, look at in the bowl, and say, “poop?”  I tried to explain to him that he had to put it there…it isn’t going to magically appear!  Good news is that he’s not afraid of it, and actually was upset when I told him that we had to go.

Here is a picture…

At Grandma’s house, Yago decided that the potty Grandma had bought MONTHS ago was now suddenly cool.  He spent part of the day at Grandma’s in underwear and shorts just in case…but we’re not pushing it considering the full-scale regression that may take place when baby #2 arrives.

When I got to my mom’s house late in the afternoon to pick up Yago, he took me to the potty to show me that he had one at Grandma’s too. I went ahead and helped him out of his pants and he sat down for a while.  He showed me where he wanted me to sit and we waited.  He got up and looked in the bowl, and got really excited…I took a look and he had actually peed a little bit in the potty.  He got sooo excited and started dancing around and I got excited for him too.

We ran to tell Grandma and she blew up a balloon for Yago to help him celebrate…

I guess the potty campaign slogan will be Balloons for Bowels?


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