Never tell a pregnant woman…

That the baby furniture she ordered in JULY is out of stock and won’t be available until possibly 12/22 (66 days).  Especially when her baby is due in 5 weeks…

The email I received:

Hello Shabnam,

I am writing with regards to the following items in your recent order at All Modern Baby:

…Unfortunately we have run out of these items, but we do have more on the way, and we expect to be able to ship yours to you on or before 12/22 (66 days from now).  I apologize for the delay on this.

If you would like to cancel or change this order please let us know, otherwise we will notify you via email with the tracking number when they ship. Please feel free to email us or call us at (800) 315-0068 with any questions.

Thanks for shopping with us and sorry for the delay.

Marco S.

All Modern Baby
(800) 315-0068

You can imagine my reaction.

I called immediately and cancelled the entire order (and the ENTIRE order was “out of stock”).  By the way, why would it take that long to inform your customer that an item is “out of stock?” When you tell someone that delivery is usually 14-16 weeks, don’t you have time during the first 1-8 weeks to know that the item is OUT OF STOCK?!

I picked up the phone and called my trusty furniture dealer Sandi at Nouveau classics.  They currently have the Nursery Works Aerial Crib in the showroom and I will go and take a look to see if that’s an option for us.

By the way…I also received a voicemail from someone in New York who works for duc duc saying that he got an email from an online retailer that I had cancelled my order and wanted to see what the problem was and what he could do to save the sale.  At this point, even if he could snap his fingers and have baby furniture appear TOMORROW, I would say NO.


…Just got a voicemail…at 9:30 pm.  “what wasn’t brought to your attention is that we do have the ability to manipulate the production schedule…” Now all of a sudden they can ship out my entire order within a couple of weeks.



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One response to “Never tell a pregnant woman…

  1. shabjoon

    Thanks for the votes everyone! I am letting them jump through hoops to get it to me even earlier than the original schedule. Let’s make their lives difficult (Oh, and Grandpa had a say in the decision since he had originally insisted on helping out with the furniture…and anyone who knows my dad knows that when it comes down to it, he ALWAYS gets his way.)

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