Mixed emotions…

I found out yesterday that Yago will be able to start part time (Tues/Thurs) at the Gardner School in Cool Springs on November 4.  This is great! I REALLY hope that he doesn’t have a hard time adapting.  He LOVES going to Grandma’s house (who wouldn’t?!).  The timing couldn’t be any better considering the fact that little brother will be arriving soon.  Hopefully we’ll have a few weeks of school before Yago II shows up.  It would be too much to deal with to suddenly throw two curve balls at Yago. “…guess what buddy, here’s your baby brother and you’ll be taking second stage.  By the way, we’ll be abandoning you at school two days a week too.  Welcome to the real world.”  Hopefully this way he’ll be used to school and and hopefully even enjoy it!

Yago will probably adapt easily, as he has with all changes we’ve thrown at him so far…the real question is: will I adapt easily?


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