It’s definitely the ultimate…

I’m sure glad I decided to peek in on the baby before heading to bed…I must also thank Baci, I guess…he barked at the cats pretty loudly (from his crate, of course) and I wanted to double check that Yago was still down for the count.  Fortunately for me, Yago has never had trouble with leaky diapers at night.  A couple of times he’s managed to play with himself, causing him leak out, but it has been few and far between (once or twice?) that I’ve actually had to change his sheets in the middle of the night.

Well, this just happens to be one of those nights. I found Yago huddled on the edge of his bed away from the offensive soaked side of his bed.

I know I sound like a commercial, but thank goodness for the ultimate crib sheet!  Usually, it’s just an easy out for me as far as washing/changing the crib sheet on Yago’s toddler bed.  Tonight it was the ultimate crib sheet in action!  I was able to unsnap the crib sheet, and remove it out from under Yago without even waking him up.  I took Yago’s pants off and removed his blanket and replaced it with another, tucking the blanket around him to make sure he wouldn’t get cold.  Problem solved!

Oh, did I forgot to mention the  source of the leak?…apparently “someone” forgot to put the valve in the now empty sippy cup full of water that yago took with him to bed.


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