My ah-ha moment

Last night as I was in bed trying to fall asleep (alone…Santi in Brazil, Yago in his bed, Baci in his “house”), I realized the answer to a question that had been perplexing me since Monday.  Where in the world was the cable box remote?

It hit me.  I remembered that Yago was playing with the trash can **and** looking guilty that day.  The trash has since been taken out, and you won’t find me digging through it, that’s for sure!  Fortunately, we accidentally forgot to return a remote years ago when we temporarily switched to Dish Network.

…now, where were those AA batteries?



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2 responses to “My ah-ha moment

  1. Um – that’s my fault! I took the batteries out of one of your remotes to work the cable remote last night!! Sorry about that…

  2. shabjoon

    Not your fault! I replaced that remote’s batteries and then put new ones in the cable remote! 🙂

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