Mission Impossible…completed!

Yago is finally down for the night.

I’m learning of some of Yago’s little habits these days as I have the temporary duty of putting him to bed at night. (Yes, I know, I’m lucky that Santi takes on this task!  It was my job until Yago was 19 months old, and it’s still my job on Tuesday nights, although not my old way.)

A couple of his cute night-time habits…

1) He’s always hated any blanket on top of him, but when he’s about ready to fall asleep, he will sit up, drape the blanket in front of him, waist-down, and then lie down on top of it.  I’ll have to ask Santi about this one when he gets back.  This one was new to me!

2) After putting his head down on the pillow, he’ll grab my hand and put it on his face, so that his face is sandwiched between my hand and his pillow.

Tonight, it took him forever to settle down!  Maybe it was my fault…first of all, the bath always energizes him:

He LOVES his pumpkin towell!  Thanks Jessica!

7:27 pm: He LOVES his pumpkin towel! Thanks Jessica!

He was cracking up and I wasn’t able to capture his smiles on film, because he was too busy tripping over the towel!

He kept falling down face-first!

He kept falling down face-first!

Next, I let him run around the house a bit to release some energy.  When he sat down in his toddler sofa and asked for “Elmo” (his code word for Sesame Street) I instead asked him if he’s ready for bed and wanted to go read some books.  His response was to run a full sprint (and he’s always faster than I am these days) to his room.  He ran straight to his bookshelf began grabbing and “reading” various books.  He took 5 or 6 off of his shelf and looked through them on his own, and finally found Momma, Will You? and brought it to me and asked me to read it, and then read it again.  I was hoping that he would at least pretend to be tired, but no such luck.  He started to sit on the bench in front of his window with spider man and elmo (please note that the TMX is permanently broken–leaky batteries–and the spider man–dead batteries–are both silent toys today!):

14 pm sitting with Elmo instead of going to sleep...

8:14 pm: sitting with Elmo instead of going to sleep...

Tucking in Spidey instead of going to bed himself...

8:40 pm: Tucking in Spidey instead of going to bed himself...

After another 20 minutes of throwing the animals off the bed, back onto the bed, and onto the bench (in quite an orderly fashion at times I must say), I had to get firm with him.  It was 9 o’clock, the dog was waiting to go outside, the cats were ready for dinner, and quite frankly I was on the verge of tears because of shooting pain in my lower back on the left side above the top of my leg.  I used my usual ‘trick’ to get Yago to sleep: to fall asleep myself. When I opened my eyes guess what?!  Yago was asleep too!  …but unfortunately it was also an hour later…

So Yago is finally asleep.  Due to the pain in my lower back/upper leg I barely made it upstairs to feed the cats, and I had to let Baci out on his own.  Hopefully I’ll be able to fall back asleep shortly, although tonight that may truly be a mission: impossible


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