Does anyone want an Italian greyhound?

Because I’m this ready to give one up.  I take him out, I walk him, I’m almost 8 months pregnant carrying an almost 2 year-old and still walk around with him, and this is how he treats me…

I don’t mind that he poops in the house.  I don’t mind if we are late getting to him one day and I have to clean his crate.  I DO care if he gets out of bed, waltzes into Yago’s room and decides to piss on the carpet.  This is the same dog who rings the bell on the door to be let outside.  This is the same dog who learned to give a “high five” within 5 minutes and still remembers despite being MONTHS since he practiced.  And now he’s the same dog who will live in his crate for the rest of the week except for his walks outside.  I will come home for lunch and let him out once, I will let him out in the afternoon. I will let him out in the evening. The only reason I didn’t wake up this morning when he got out of bed was that I wasn’t willing to sacrifice 30 minutes of Yago’s sleep.  Yago was already in our room at 6 and had I gotten up with Baci to follow him around in case he had any intention of wrong-doing, Yago would have gotten up too.  It’s unfortunate that Yago didn’t close his bedroom door upon exiting…and I can’t blame him.  The dog should know by now.

Or maybe I’m the one who should know by now…


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