Flying Solo

Yago’s asleep, the cats are down for the night, Baci’s been walked, and I think I might just sit down and watch the remaining minutes of Sunday Night Football…while I clean up the living room.

Santi’s off to Recife, Brazil… Nice, I know!  He’s still somewhere along the way of his 18 hours of total travel time (assuming no delays on the final leg).  He’ll be gone for the whole week.  We’ll manage with somewhat flying colors, I’m sure, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss him already!

Yago knows that something’s up, the dog is a bit reserved and extra cuddly, the cats are wandering aimlessly about the house looking for their favorite family member.

As for Santi, rather than spending his last Saturday resting up for his trip, he cleaned out the garage as well as the cat room and litter boxes.  All I can say is thanks for making my job this week so much easier!  I’ve got my latex gloves and I’m ready to tackle the litter box!  The last time I was tested, I had not been exposed to toxoplasmosis, and neither had our cats…I think I was tested during my pregnancy with Yago around the time that we picked up a pregnant stray–la Reina!  Anyway, since we have indoor-only cats, they are less likely to be in contact with exposed/contaminated mice, etc so that means that I’m not at any real risk. (Especially since the excrement would have to sit around for over a day or two, and around our house it RARELY does–thanks again, to Santi!)

So Santi, as you’re on your way to beautiful Brazil, I know you’re thinking about us at least little, and you should know that we’re thinking about you too!

Yago and Santi at the Zoo on Saturday morning after our last ZooBabes Class!

Yago and Santi at the Zoo on Saturday morning after our last ZooBabes Class!


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