Some Halloween Help, Please!

I’ve been researching some pregnant costume ideas on the internet and I’m considering a few of them…

Some of my favorites so far…

Dress as a witch (a nice one so I won’t scare the little kids, of course) carrying a pumpkin around…in this version I would find some nice non-irritant paint and I would paint a pumpkin on my bare belly (or rather have someone a little more artful do it for me).  I have seen pictures of the painted belly on the internet and if done well, it looks so realistic that it’s scary…

Another good one is to dress in a black long sleeved shirt and black yoga pants with skeleton bones painted on with white puffy paint.  –and with the skeleton of a baby on the belly of the shirt.  🙂  This one would be cute if I could commission someone to help me out with the painting…

There is also the pregnant nun with Santi as the priest; the baker’s wife (with a bun in the oven); Homer Simpson; the Moon (me) and the Astronaut…I even found maternity costumes online, but I’m not sure that I want to spend that much on my own costume.

Here are a few on my veto list that I’ve seen:

A pregnant Brittany…Palin’s daughter…Angelina Jolie with a backpack full of dolls…alien belly (too scary for little kids)…the milkman and 50’s housewife…Pumpkin + Peter (“Peter” of Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Fame…yeah, I know, I thought it was quite inappropriate myself.)

Anyway, I’m taking suggestions!  Check back to see what we decide to do this year!  Hopefully we can find a nice family theme…



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2 responses to “Some Halloween Help, Please!

  1. Ok – I have to say, bare belly ideas freak me out – especially the one painted orange. It’s just me I’m sure… I’m also against pregnant people in bikinis so take it for what it’s worth!

    What about a 1950’s family – hubby in bowtie, you barefoot in curlers, Yago in a sailor suit or something silly? I’ll think on it… I’m sure we can come up with something great!

  2. shabjoon

    I thought so too…but saw a picture and it looked sooooooo realistic…
    Just a Halloween idea, though…not Yago’s birthday. Don’t want to freak out any kids!! 🙂

    We’ll see.

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