Momma, Will You?

This month’s book from the imagination library/books from birth program arrived today: Momma Will You?

I’ve never seen Yago so excited about a new book.  He loves his books, and maybe I don’t try hard enough, but he doesn’t usually sit still and just ask us to read him a book.  Well, apparently he liked this book.  We got home from a shopping and dinner combo  trip to Costco and the new book was in the mail.  I opened it and he glanced excitedly at the new book.  Then he saw his red Cars chair and remembered about the exciting thing called a TV and asked insistently for “Choo, Choo.”

My response was Yago, no choo, choo…bring me your new book and let’s read it!  To my surprise, there was no fuss and he brought the book to me immediately and he sat as his picnic table as I read the book.  He made some appropriate animal noises right on cue as I read and really seemed to enjoy this book.

We finished the book and he insisted that I read it again.  Wow.  I don’t remember the last time he asked me to reread such a ‘longish’ book without interruption.  Granted, he did try to turn the pages himself and accidentally skipped some, but overall, I was super-impressed!

I finished the book and he wanted me to read it again, and again!  After the fourth time of reading the book to him, I started to grow tired, and short of breath and asked him to take the book to his dad to read.  He did, but after a few pages he exclaimed, “no,” and took the book out of Santi’s hand and brought it back to me.  I completed it for the 5th time.  Now he wasn’t sitting still while I read by any means from the 3rd reading through the 5th one, but he was walking around the living room laughing and then jumping on top of Santi and truly enjoying it.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering how much he enjoys the alphabet these days.  But up until today I have had the son who would usually bring a book, let me read a page or two, and then bring another book.  Then he would flip through at his speed, not letting us even read the page.  I just could not identify with my friends who started hiding long books that they were tired of reading to their toddlers.  Now I can begin to understand.  Just think if the short Momma, Will You had been even longer like Yago’s Winnie Pooh book?!

I truly hope that this wasn’t just a fluke thing and is a trend that will continue…no matter how out of breath and bored I get from reading the same thing over and over and over and over again.


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