Momma, Will You? Revisited…

This morning Yago woke up very early…6:40, well, that was early for me, anyway!  I was too tired to argue with his “num num” and “vroom vroom” requests.  By 7:00 he had eaten all the cereal that he was going to eat this early in the morning and asked to come down off the high chair.  Next he did something very interesting…

He saw the Momma, Will You? book and handed it to me.  Next, he grabbed the TV remote and hit the “all off” button, climbed into my lap, and I read the book for him.  Once I finished the book, he didn’t ask for a repeat performance.  I was wishing desperately that he heed my request of grabbing another book from his room.  No such luck.  He said, “vroom vroom,” grabbed the remote, hit the same button and continued to watch Cars.   He was too cute and I was too tired to argue.

A little consolation–at least he grabbed his new alphabet book and is multitasking.  I need to do a bit of mutlitasking myself…


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