Alpha-Bits and Alphabet

I guess Yago hasn’t been eating enough dinner lately (and I’m not one to force him to eat when he wants out of his high chair) beacause the latest trend is to want “num num” before 6:30 in the morning.  He sits down and I’ll pour him cereal and milk. If I forget to remove my laptop from the kitchen table he’ll insist on watching some youtube video starring himself and I usually give in: First of all-because it’s freakin early, and secondly, because it means he’ll be distracted enough to hopefully eat more and more and more and gain some more weight on his skinny bones.

Here are pictures from breakfast this morning…

Yago loves his Alpha-Bits cereal!

Yago loves his Alpha-Bits cereal!





And of course, after the bowl of Alpha-Bits…he wanted to practice his alphabet:


The first ‘performance’ is always the best, and I never have my camera out.  The video is of the second performance so of course, he was a bit distracted during it and didn’t show off like he did the first time.

Grandma should get most of this alphabet credit.  Sure, we play with his magnetic alphabets every afternoon, but Grandma Z works with him pretty much every day after breakfast (yes, he usually has a second breakfast at Grandma’s!)  Thank goodness that for now it’s still a game for him!


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