Well, I’m officially exhausted.  Today I managed to get a decent amount of work done with Yago at home.  Thanks to Sesame Street (I limited it to one episode), crayons, play-doh, and mega blocks, I had three full hours of productivity in the morning! Yago only napped for 1.5 hour in the afternoon, and then we headed to the office around 2:45 for a little over an hour.  All-in-all, I would say it was a good day.  On the way home from the office we stopped at Publix and did some grocery shopping too!

When we got home, we took the dog for a walk, and our neighbor’s son Jake came over and played some soccer with Yago.  I welcomed the chance to just sit down and let the two of them play and tire Yago out!  After 45 minutes, we went back inside.

Once we were inside, the drama began.  Yago had been a model child all day. Why did he have to wait until I was exhausted to turn into a two year old?  He started crying for no reason–well, his reason was that I wouldn’t let him throw Baci’s food all over the kitchen floor.  I call that no reason.  After a few more seconds of melt-down city, Yago and I sat down on the floor together facing the far corner of the dining room.  I asked him to look at the corner and calm down and stop crying so that we could start a new fun activity.  We didn’t sit for more than a minute because he stopped crying right away. We got up and he asked for “choo choo” but settled for a quick episode of Backyardigans while I got dinner ready.  That was my first attempt at a “time out ” but I really felt guilty about doing it considering that Yago’s attitude probably was a combination of not feeling well (has had a stuffy/runny nose since Monday night with no fever) and the fact that he had been running outside non-stop for about 30 minutes!  It seemed to work and he stopped being a drama queen until it was time for Santi to take Baci for a walk!  He had to choose between outside with NO BALL or inside WITH the BALL.  He didn’t want to leave the ball and didn’t want his dad to go outside without him.  He finally, reluctantly gave up the ball and was ok after a few seconds.

After dinner I almost fell asleep on the couch, but then got up to clean the kitchen a bit while Santi gave Yago a bath and got him ready for bed.  I sat down to get some more work done, caught up on some blogs, and began to blog a bit myself.  Now I’m ready for a good night’s sleep.

So, do I watch the final quarter of the Wake/Clemson game  before I really call it a night?


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  1. shabjoon

    I get to add to my guilt…Yago’s also cutting two teeth…another reason that he doesn’t need a real reason to be a bit fussy at night…

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