Yago impresses Santi…

This morning Yago wanted to watch “Choo Choo” (Thomas) first thing when he woke up.  Considering that he wasn’t feeling well (stuffy and now runny nose since Monday) I gave in.  He watched a bit of Thomas, but then I changed it to Sesame Street.  By this point Yago was repeating “num num” (yes, it reminds me of “Birdie Num Num” every time).  This meant that he was hungry.  I poured him some Alpha-Bits cereal with milk (in one of those cool bowls with the straw so that he can drink the milk too). He found “B” and “O” and “M” in his cereal.  The TV was still on and they started to recite the alphabet.  First they would show the letter, and then say the letter.  Yago was repeating each letter after they’d say it!  A few sounded the same, like “P” sounded more like “B” and “N” and “M” sounded alike, but I had never heard him repeat the whole alphabet like that.  He truly is becoming a papagei!

Oh, and he refused to parrot the “W”–he still insisted that it was an “M.”

Now I understand why my wise friend Jennifer’s son William is only allowed to watch Sesame Street…it truly is educational!


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