I don’t mention politics at work, especially considering my office…

…but since you started it…

I was minding my own business and just going to the bathroom when I was stopped by a coworker who was in the middle of a political conversation with another likeminded coworker:

“…we were just talking about how when Obama–sheep in wolves’ clothing—gets elected everybody better have their ducks in a row because it’s gonna be the the beginning of the end…”

I first ignored the comment and continued towards the bathroom.  I even walked into the bathroom but I couldn’t let this one go.  I went back to her desk and said:

“First of all, with the state of the global economy right now, it is already the beginning of the end.  And secondly, if your dear McCain (OK…I didn’t say “dear” but now I wish that I had…) gets elected, guess what?! there’s a 26% chance that he’ll die in office and who would that leave to run the country…Omaba doesn’t have experience but the beauty queen does?”

I went on to explain that the world would not come to an end based on one election (she was close to tears about this whole Omaba thing!) and that one person cannot bring the whole world to an end.  I told her we were going to be ok no matter who gets elected. 

Then I finally took my pregnant butt to the bathroom and pretended that I did not just have to explain to someone that one election is not going to mean the end of our country, let alone the end of the world!


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