College GameDay Here We Come!

Is it bad that I am more excited about College GameDay at Vanderbilt than about next week’s debate at Belmont?  Is it bad that within 15 minutes I abandoned my place in line in the rain with my infant the last time we had a local election?  Is it worse that we are going out of our way to leave Santi’s car in his parking lot (WHICH HAPPENS TO BE NEXT TO THE COMMONS) to avoid parking issues for College GameDay?

Santi and I were having a conversation, partially centered around his traffic woes for these days considering parts of his routes to work have been/will be closed for these two events.  I made the comment that I’d rather have GameDay at my university than a debate.  I guess my priorities are a bit out of whack, but living in a state like Tennessee I’m resigned to the fact that in my state, it’s not going to matter which way I vote.

My sister, lives in New York City and guess what?!  She’s currently in Ohio spreading the word to young voters to make sure that they register before the deadline.  I hope that she is able to stay at least somewhat neutral in her quest to get young voters to the polls.  After all, it’s all about giving the youth the tools they need to make an informed decision and not about pushing your views on vulnerable newbies to the voting scene.

But back to priority #1 of the week:  College GameDay!  Yesterday I went to pick Santi up from work and saw the Home Depot bus, the news channels, tents set up, and all of the hype.

Here are some pictures so far…

Look for Jessica, Thompson, Yago, Santi, and me on TV!  I’ll be the one with the huge belly (especially if TV really adds ten pounds!)


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